Property Management

City Water Plumbing has been successfully servicing real estate agents and property managers for years.

If you appreciate stress free, guaranteed, fast and productive plumbing repairs, you can rely on our specialist plumbing team.

We will liaise with the managing real estate agency, or with the occupants directly, and schedule in times to carry out the work. During any procedures undertaken, we will keep the property management representative informed.

We have the experienced plumbers and equipment to handle any plumbing problem or installation - from simple repairs to new hot water systems and sewer line replacements.

Strata and Body Corporate

City Water Plumbing is a dedicated "Strata Partner".

Our team is highly experienced in working with Strata Managers to meet the need of every client and deliver efficient results in a transparent manner.

We meet ISTM compliance for all strata work and maintenance and our plumbers are specialised in high-rise commercial work, giving you peace of mind. All work performed by City Water Plumbing is in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety standards.

The strata services we provide include:

  • Common bathroom, kitchen and laundry repairs, renovations or new installations
  • Inspections and report writing services
  • Building audit and compliance management
  • Hot Water heaters and boiling water units
  • All emergency repairs, burst pipes and water leaks
  • Drain cleaning and scheduled maintenance
  • Installation and servicing of storm water and sewer pumps
  • Storm water pit inspection and cleaning
  • Upgrading "building" hydraulic services
  • Backflow prevention installation, commissioning and annual testing
  • Thermostatic mixing valve installation, commissioning and testing
  • Fire hose reel and fire hydrant installation, commissioning and annual testing

All work conducted by City Water Plumbing is 100% service guaranteed